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Cool accessory for this summer☆

Juicy Jelly, and Ice Candy and Sand Ice Cream


<Juicy Jelly>


Fresh and juicy jelly is here.

Juicy jelly like precious stone glitters by summer sunshine. 


Juicy Cherry Jelly Ring \5,800+tax

Juicy Cherry Jelly Necklace \9,500+tax

Juicy Cherry Jelly Bag Charm \7,500+tax




<Ice Candy>

Sliced lemon and honey turns into Honey & Lemon.

You can also enjoy strawberry yogurt and fresh fruit with ice candy.

There is a carved seal that makes the item more special!


Honey&Bee&Lemon Ice Candy Key Holder \17,000+tax

Watermelon Sherbet Necklace \23,000+tax

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Candy Key Holder \17,000+tax



<Mickey Mouse>

How about mickey shaped petit size accessory?

Flovor is strawberry marble and mint chocolate marble,

and vannilla chocolate marble... Which one do you choose?



Mickey Mouse / Marble Ice Candy 

  Pierce \9,000+tax / Necklace \13,000+tax




Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse shaped sand ice cookie accessory.

Mickey Mouse is green tea flavored cookie with adzuki-bean ice cream, 

and Minnie Mouse is sakura flavored cookie with sakura ice cream.

Let’s go to the entertament park with these sweet items!



Mickey Mouse / Adzuki‐bean Ice Cream Cookie Sand

Bagchaem  \10,000+tax

Minnie Mouse / SAKURA Ice Cream Cookie Sand 

Necklace \12,000+tax




[Recommended Accessory for Summer]

Date: June 10th(Saturday), 2017




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