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Sweetest gift for sweetest couple

“Q-pot. Cerebration Gift” for wedding, childbirth and housewarming.


Cerebration gift from Q-pot. is sweet and fancy.

We would like to gift which has great design and also useful…!

This dish is made in Japan, it is high quality item.


<Meoto-bashi (Two pairs of chopsticks for husband and wife)>

Chocolate that is taken off from the box becomes the chopstick rest!

How beautiful this design is…

Check the great quality of “Made in Japan”♪


Meoto-bashi is lucky thing for celebration gift in Japan.


Chocolate Meoto-bashi Set \10,000+tax





<Mug Cup>

Luxury pottery mug cup has “Q” shaped handle!

Simple but it looks very unique and original.

There is a brand logo on the base.


Happiness Fresh “Q” Mug Cup (2 pairs of set) \3,800+tax

<Cup & Saucer>

Melty chocolate with gold color is very beautiful,

and it will be lovely interior too.

You will have sweet and fancy tea time with this.


Melty Chocolate Cup & Saucer (2 pairs of set) \10,000+tax


<Q-pot. original “Japanese gift wrapping” Service>


How about send a gift with original message?

Please choose a message in Japanese.



【Q-pot. Wedding】

Q-pot. has wedding ring collection.

Very unique and original Q-pot. wedding collection.

You will get the sweetet and also fashionable ring,

and different with others♪

<Engage Ring>

Melty Chocolate Diamond


Lovers make chocolate melting and it's so sweet.

Chocolate is the best partner with diamond, please check the delicate detail of it.

Living with this ring make your life sweet.


Melty Chocolate Diamond Ring(K18YEGD)¥210,000+tax~


<Marriage Ring>



A woker ant carries diamond liken sugar. 

9 diamonds for woman and a diamond for man…

Means the message of “ARIGATOU(Thank you in Japanese)” 

【Ari= Ant / Tou= 10】

It’s unique precious ring.

This ring reminds of lovers the feelings of gratitude♪



ARIGATOU Ring (K18WHGD) ¥170,000+tax~

A RIng(K18WHGD ) ¥100,000+tax~


Sweet & unique “Q-pot. Wedding” collection.

If you order a ring, you can lend “Chocolat Tiara”

 We have other happy services like carved seal too, please enjoy it!


●Check “Q-pot. Wedding” Collection from here



【”Celebration Gift Collection” & “Q-pot. Wedding” collection is now available】

Place: Harajuku flagship shop / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP


※Celebration gift is available from 1 pc (Set item: 1 set)

※It might be reservation depending on the stock situation.

※Please ask shop cast about many orders.

※Order rings need the term: about 6~7weeks.

※”Chocolat Tiara” lending service is only available at Harajuku flagship shop.




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