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“MONAKA” Collection Is Re-stocked!



Japanese Culture

Wabi Sabi

(Wabi Sabi is Japanese senses of beauty, 

which means “Beauty within simplicity.”)

Tradition and Revolution


Enjoy the spring season with sweet taste of delicate sakura

and deeply taste of bitter matcha.


“MONAKA” Collection is back!


Japanese traditional sweets “Monaka” turns into the special accessory!

Sakura shaped “MONAKA” that is Sakura bean paste, strained bean paste, 

Matcha bean paste and rice cake filled wafers.





Sakura Monaka (Sakura bean paste / Strained bean paste / Matcha bean paste)

Bag Charm \6,300+tax / Necklace \8,000+tax


[“MONAKA” Collection is restocked]

Date: Now available

Place: Q-pot. shops

※If you have a question about the stock, please contact each shop.


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