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”He, I and Q-pot.”

~Vol.2 Yukata version~


Travel, Firework, Pool and Summer festival…We cannot wait for Summer Vacation!

It is around the corner.

Please enjoy hot summer and make sweet memories.


Very popular content of Q-pot. LOOK BOOK ”He, I and Q-pot.”.


~Yukata version~

“I and He” who love Q-pot. ”Let’s check their sweet summer life.



”He, I and Q-pot.”~Yukata version~


Dating with wearing Yukata(Japanese informal cotton kimono) is always in wish list for summer.

They look very different usual style, they will fall in love again♪

Look at her hair style with cool ice cream!





Let’s enjoy summer with Q-pot. glittering items! 




(Left to right) Bracelet (Candy) ¥4,500 ・Bracelet (Chocolate) ¥4,200+tax,

Hair Pin Each ¥3,200+tax / Ring ¥8,200+tax(ONLINE Excusive),

Hair rubber band (Water melon) ¥5,000+tax  / Hair rubber band (Lemon) ¥4,500+tax,

Ring (Silver) Each ¥13,000+tax / Pierce ¥9,000+tax (Set),

Bag ¥23,000+tax / Key holder ¥8,000+tax



Please looking forward to the vol.3!!!



[Q-pot. SEASONAL LOOK BOOK〜Strawberry Milk Gelato〜]




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