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  • 『Q-pot CAFE. 表参道本店』新メニュー&店内を大公開!

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『Q-pot CAFE. 表参道本店』新メニュー&店内を大公開!






Food is the way to connect all over the world

Q-pot CAFE. is coming back in more conceptual.

The renewed cafe offers you to travel around the world.

New concept room is inspired by Japanese tea room.

You can fully feel our concept and, it’s really photogenic too.

Please enjoy the sweetest time!



You will be very happy by a bite.

Please have a sweet time with this special and lovely parfait.

Melty Parfait Whip Strawberry Drink set ¥1,850 (tax included) ※Contains: milk, egg and wheat.




We offer you to the elegant dessert plate, that is drawing dressing up lady in classical mood.

Only we can create the plate, please enjoy arty time.

For chocolate lovers, here is a cake for you.

Chocolate sponge and mousse are coated by chocolate.

The Chocolate Cake Necklace Plate ¥1,390 (tax included) Drink set ※Contains: milk, egg and wheat.




Macaron ring and whipped cream like pearl bracelet decorate the plate.

Conceptual but also art pierce, food experience, we are offering you.

Why don’t you coordinate your outfit to the plate?

You can order +¥400 with each necklace plate.Please enjoy sweets as much as you like!

Macaron Ring Plate(Strawberry/Melon/Lemon/Chocolate)  ¥400 (tax included)

※Contains: milk, egg and wheat.※This cannot be sold separately.


<Take Out>


Crispy milk meringue melts in your mouth.

Star shaped meringue is like from milky way.

Cute package with an affordable price is good for the souvenir!

MILK Meringue ¥864 (tax included) ※Contains: milk and egg.

MILK Meringue ¥864 (tax included) ※Contains: milk and egg.


Everyone's favorite mini cookie can debut as cheese flavor!

Crispy cookie with salty taste♪ There is a mouse on the can!

Cheese Mini Cookie Can(8枚入り)(Q-pot. OMOTESANDO /Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP) ¥1,620 (tax included)

※Contains: milk, egg and wheat.


Here is Q-pot.’s seceret base, 

Q-pot. OMOTESANDO Flagship ~SHOP & CAFE~

How place to create Q-pot. fantasy?

Please step into the world of Q-pot. where is beyond imagination of you.

We are always welcome you!



【Q-pot. OMOTESANDO Flagship 】

Opening Date: April 7th(Saturday)

Address: 3-4-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, JAPAN

Opening hours: 12:00〜20:00

Close: Year-end and New Year.



Latest information will be updated on<NEWS / Mail Magazine / SNS>

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