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Information about Q-pot CAFE.×SAILOR MOON vol4.


【 Q-pot CAFE. FAQ】

Q.How can I go to Q-pot CAFE.×SAILOR MOON?

A.Reservation on WEB in advance will be available during the event “Q-pot CAFE.×SAILOR MOON”. Reserving on WEB or numbered ticket is needed to enter and enjoy the cafe.

Q.How can I reserve?

A.On WEB page in advance. We do not accept the reservation from phone and at shop, thank you for understanding.

Q.Can I see takeout sweets and goods of Q-pot CAFE. without a reservation?

A.You need to reserve on web site or get the numbered ticket to enter Q-pot CAFE. during the event. You cannot enter the shop for only the purchase of goods or viewing, thank you for understanding.

Q.Where is Q-pot CAFE.×SAILOR MOON?

A.Only one place: Q-pot CAFE. Omotesando flagship shop.

Address: 3-4-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, JAPAN

※We moved this April, please check the address carefully.

Q.Can I eat regular menu of Q-pot CAFE.?

A.You can order these regular menu as below.

・Necklace Plate (Berry Macaron, Cheese Cake)


・Melty Parfait ~Whip & Strawberry~ 


【 About the term of the reservation】

Q.When does the reservation start?

A.Reservation will start separately from 1st / 2nd term as below.

★1st Reservation starts: June 1st(Friday), 2018 1:00 PM JST

Reservation for the term: June 30th (Saturday)~July 25th(Wednesday), 2018

★2nd Reservation starts: June 22nd(Friday), 2018 1:00 PM JST

Reservation for the term: June 30th (Saturday)~August 19th(Sunday), 2018

 Q.Until when can I reserve?

A.Reservation is requested by 12:00 PM JST of the previous day.

Please check the web site about the vacant seat information.



【About the reservation】

Q.When can I confirm my seat for the reservation?

A.Once the payment is done, you reserve the seat.

When you choose a seat on the screen, it does not mean to reserve your seat. Once the payment is done, you reserve the seat and menu. The seat that you choose during the ordering process may be reserve by other customer in any case, if the payment is not done yet. 

※We are not responsible for the seat and menu that you reserve, if the payment is not done. Thank you for understanding.

Q.Is there any other necessary thing for reserve?

A.Name, email address, phone number and credit card that you need to input as your information for the reservation. 

Usable credit cards for the reservation.

【Visa, Master, JCB, Diners and American Express】

You have to pay in lump sum only for the reservation.


Q. Why do you recommend to register 【Q-pot. internal(国内) ONLINE SHOP membership(会員登録)】?

A. Because you do not have to input your information like name, email address and phone number if you already registered 【Q-pot. internal(国内) ONLINE SHOP membership(会員登録)】. If you are not a member of Q-pot. internal(国内) ONLINE SHOP, you need to input your information for each time to reserve.

And you can get some points that is available for shopping on Q-pot. Japan internal(国内) ONLINE SHOP and check your reservation information on your “My page”.

Please check 【Q-pot. internal(国内) ONLINE SHOP membership(会員登録)】 from here. 


Q.Which device can I use for the reservation?

A.PC, Tablet, and Smartphone. 

Not correspond to Feature phone, thank you for understanding.

Q. I do not have a credit card, what should I do?

A.We can only accept payment by credit card for lump sum payments for the reservation. 

We cannot accept payment by credit card for installment plans, by cash, convenience store payment and bank transfer.

Please prepare a credit card for the reservation before the start date of the reservation.


Q.How many menu can I order?

A.You can order up to 3 set menu of sweets per a person.

※Collaboration menu is only available as set menu (Sweets menu + Drink menu)


Q.I got an error during the reservation.

A.Please reserve again. 

If there is an error when you reserve, please back to the start page. 

Once the payment is done, it means that you reserve the seat and menu. 

※We are not responsible for the seat and menu that you reserve, if the payment is not done. Thank you for understanding.

Q.I mistakenly made a reservation.

A.For whatever reason, you cannot cancel a reservation and get repayment. 

Please make sure the date, number of people and menu of the reservation before the reservation is done.


Q.Can I reserve only a seat for a companion?

A.You need to order more than one menu(1 sweets menu +1 drink menu) per person.

We cannot accept to reserve only a seat, thank you for understanding.

Q.Can I take my child too?

A.A child who is older than 3 years old needs a reservation for seat.

Reservation or numbered ticket is needed even younger than 3 years old child needs a seat.

Q-pot CAFE. has no place to a baby stroller, thank you for understanding.

Q.Can I check my reservation?

A.If you login with 【Q-pot. Japan internal(国内) ONLINE SHOP membership(会員登録)】, you can check about your reservation on your 【My page】 .

If you reserved without the membership, you can check about your reservation completion mail that you received. Please read the below “Q. I cannot get the reservation completion mail”. Please make sure that you can receive a mail from us and keep it until visit the cafe.

Q.I cannot receive the reservation completion mail.

A. We cannot send the reservation completion mail to you in some cases as below.

・Junk mail

・Automatic delivery system / Group mail block

・Spoofed mail

・Refuse the mail with URL

・Refuse the mail from PC

・Refuse the mail from PC

・Refuse the mail that is from unknown address

・Setting up easy mode

・Batch data input

・Address does not work because of errors: capital or small letters, full or half size characters and unnecessary spaces. 

・Address include space / start with symbol / continue with symbols (Please try other mail address if you have.)

Please setting up that you can receive this domain〈〉for receiving the reservation completion mail.

 <To guests who use phone from “au”>

Some phones from “au” are set up very high level mode of “Spoofed mail”, the setting makes your phone cannot receive any mail. So please set up low level mode before register.

<To guests who use “Free mail address”>

If you use free mail address like Yahoo! mail or Gmail, mail might be received in “Spam mail box” or “Promotion mail box”. Please check these boxes if you could not receive the reservation completion mail and check the detail of your phone’s explanation.

And information of your reservation is displayed on the reservation completion screen. If you could not receive the reservation completion mail, please print that screen or screen shot for save the information for yourself.



【About entry】

Q. If there is a vacant seat on that day, can I enter without a reservation?

A.Please reserve before or get the numbered ticket on that day.

The numbered ticket will be handed out, if there are vacant seats.

We cannot accept to choose the seats if you come on that day.

Q. Where can I check the information of the numbered ticket?

A.About the numbered ticket of each day, we will tweet everyday afternoon before the day on Q-pot CAFE. official Twitter.  Please check the detail from here

Q.Can I enter in advance if my companion will be late?

A.It is possible if before the final time.

The final time that you can enter is before 30 minutes of the end of each time.

If your companion will be late, please let casts know. Only companions cannot enter Q-pot CAFE. Thank you for understanding.


Q.Can I additional order?

A. You can do additional order.

Q.I cannot go to Q-pot CAFE., can I get refund?

A.For whatever reason, we cannot accept to cancel a reservation and do refund.

Q.Can I exchange the plate and coaster?

A.We cannot accept to exchange plate and coaster. 

There may be color unevenness or sore from manufacture reasons, we cannot accept to exchange. Coaster is made from natural cork, there are individual differences. Please enjoy naturalness, thank you for understanding.


Q.Can you keep my baggage?

A.Q-pot CAFE. has no place to store baggage. 

Please come with minimum baggage and keep carefully by yourself. If you have big baggage, please use coin-operated locker around the cafe.


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