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Q-pot. × Tommy


Q-pot. found a kindred spirit in Tommy who is a Musician and collaborated with her a few times.
To celebrate the release of her 2 albums, collaboration accessory started! The Ghost of Q-pot. Halloween series became Tommy version!

・Tommy february6

・To celebrate the release of “TOMMY CANDY ♡ SHOP SUGAR ME” by “Tommy february6”, in 2013, Q-pot.
ghost was metamorphosed with glasses which are the trademark of “Tommy february6” !
※Necklace \9,450 / Bag Charm \10,500 / Brooch \6,825

・Tommy heavenly6

Tommy heavenly6 released ”TOMMY ♡ ICE CREAM HEAVEN ♡ FOREVER” in autumn, 2013.
The ghost which was metamorphosed into Tommy heavenly6 looked so cute! She had long lashes and
wore a cross and a black ribbon. Heart cookie also changed its color into purple.
※Necklace \9,450 / Bag Charm \10,500 / Brooch \6,825

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