Sugary sweets to spread smiles across the world.

Sugary sweets to spread smiles across the world.
Q-pot.’s “Positive Accessories” are transforming into positively tasty desserts!
Savor an exquisite visit to the “Q-pot CAFE.”






You never know what surprise pops out from the "Q Room".
9 mystical rooms unravel another tasty story.

You take a step into the room, there is mystical space.
In popular accessories of Q-pot. themed 9 mystical rooms,
Please have sweet and fancy time.
★Reservation is available for SE“Q”RET ROOM

  • 1. Whipped Room
    (Take Out Corner)

  • 2. Tooth Room
    (Powder Room)

  • 3. BisQuit Room

  • 4. Religieuse Room

  • 5. Melt Room
    (Drink Counter)

  • 6. Chocolate Room

  • 7. Whip Strawberry Room

  • 8. Mouse's Room

  • 9. SE"Q"RET Room

Q-pot CAFE.で人気のお部屋が事前にご予約いただけます。



Q-pot CAFE. Reservation Service

Q-pot CAFE. Reservation Service

You do not have to get in line if you reserve in advance!
Let's enjoy the limited seasonal menu and Afternoon tea set♪

Please have a “Sweet and Fancy time”
at Q-pot CAFE. with the reservation service♡

*Available menu is changed by the season,
please check the available menu at the reservation page.

*You can reserve menu until June 15th at the Q-pot CAFE or contact to Enlish support:


Once upon a time there was a great mansion... which now has become the Q-pot CAFE.
It is told the mansion had a secret room and a secret recipe.
Rumor has it night after night this mysterious recipe is being concocted in this mysterious room,
the SE“Q”RET (SECRET) ROOM, to serve the ghosts of the mansion a full course banquet....

SE“Q” RET ROOM is only available for only reservation.

You can reserve SE "Q" RET ROOM until June 23rd at Q-pot CAFE or contact to Enlish support:
*We cannot accept to reserve SE "Q" RET ROOM during June 27th(Tuesday)〜August 23rd(Wednesday).
Thank you for your understanding.