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Top the party with the luxurious accessories!

Let's decorate yourself with these accessories.


Because it's “June bride”, many parties are held in June.
Today we recommend our elegant accessories for the wedding ceremony party.

☆“Q-pot. Lounge”
【Photo in the left】
Taffy Candy Round Fastener Wallet ¥27,000+tax
Petit Green Apple Candy Bracelet(K10-Yellow Gold) ¥23,000+tax
Petit Strawberry Candy Ring(K10-Pink Gold) ¥27,000+tax

Dress up cutely with sweet candies.
The feminine ring made of pink gold and pink tourmaline fits in your skin and enable your hand to be seen beautifully.
Also, the fine and delicate bracelet made of yellow gold and peridot makes you elegant.
Add sweets to your hand unselfconsciously.

【Photo in the right】
One Scoop Vanilla Whip Pierce(K10-Yellow Gold) ¥22,000+tax
The whip pierce made of K10 is liken the pearl to vanilla.
The fine and delicate design makes you be more mature.

●Q-pot.PRODUCTS “Argent” series

【Photo in the left】
Melty Sugary Argent Necklace ¥25,000+tax
Melty Sugary Argent Pierce ¥13,000+tax
Petit Sugary Argent Ring ¥13,000+tax

【Photo in the right】
Sugary Argent Pierce(single) ¥10,000+tax
Melty Sugary Argent Bangle ¥27,000+tax
Sugary Argent Ring ¥12,000+tax
Melty Sugary Argent Ring ¥15,000+tax

This series are inspired by argent and starch syrup.
Let's spend a wonderful moment, getting intoxicated with the silver and the white pearls.

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