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2014 Q-pot. Halloween Releasing★★★

Starting from 1st October, 2014(Wednesday)!!!


September is covered with full of Halloween atmosphere♪
Lots of new items are coming to cheer up this year’s Halloween★
Let’s enjoy unique Q-pot. Halloween items with Halloween costumes♪

Trick Ghost Necklace / Spin Candy ¥16,000+tax
Ghosts that only appear during the Halloween period every year.
The trick ghosts carry a sweet or a bone in their belly.
This year, a new ghost that carries a colorful stripe candy in the belly, is joining the party!

Bag Charm Chain ¥4,500+tax
Coffin Bed Charm ¥10,000+tax
The coffin charm, which concept is a bed for a ghost, can be attached to a bag charm or a ball chain necklace.
You can either open the coffin to show the ghost or you can close the coffin to show the coffin itself!

From Left
Coffin Bed Necklace ¥24,000+tax
Coffin Bed Ear Ring (pair) ¥8,000+tax
Coffin Bed Strap ¥10,000+tax
Coffin Bed Ring ¥10,000+tax
Lots of coffin items made by natural wood, are releasing!
Coffin necklace and ring with cute ghosts. Ear ring with a modest “Q” logo on.
These items can produce a surreal Halloween♪

Spider web Necklace Set ¥24,000+tax
A wet spider web with the evening dew turned into the accessory.
The charms included not only evening dew but also a spider and a butterfly.
You can enjoy the combination of charms you like.
The Q bat, that deliver anything for the ghosts, is a design point, too!

From left, Clockwise
Bone Sugar Cookie Ring (White) ¥4,500+tax
Bone Sugar Cookie Brooch (Black) ¥4,500+tax
3Bone Sugar Cookie Necklace ¥15,000+tax
Bone Sugar Cookie Hair Rubber Band ¥4,500+tax
Bone can be cute once it turns into a crunchy cookie!?
The rich lineups of the cookies from a necklace to a hair rubber band are, in black and white that suit the Halloween♪
Feel like completing the both color!

Halloween Ghost Pouch ¥2,500+tax
The ghost turned in to a pouch!?
The clear pouch is easy to see what’s inside, and it is a 2way item that can be a necklace☆

Halloween Badge Set ¥1,200+tax
Tin badge set includes ghosts dressed up with a silk hat or a ribbon, a spider web, and a Q bat. Let’s put them on your bags or clothes to enhance your Halloween coordination. 

※The pictures are only images.
2014Ghost Floating Pen ¥1,000+tax
Floating pens that received popularity last year, are coming back with new design!
Cute ribbon ghost and a cool silk hat ghost.
It is always nice to have a pen since it can be used during work or during study!

For guests who purchased ¥7,560 (including tax), we giveaway an eye mask that offers you a good night sleep!
Q-pot. logo appears in-between a big spider web★
Please enjoy the Halloween even in a dream!

[ “Halloween” series new item release ]
Date: 1st October, 2014(Wednesday)
Place: Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)
※We cannot accept your request about reservation, order and delivery for the first day of the release date.
※The giveaway is limited in number. It finishes as soon as it runs out the stock, without notice. Thank you for understanding.


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