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NEW Collection Rings from Q-pot. Wedding debut!

Available for orders from the 19th November, 2014(Wednesday)


Rings with new design & concepts from Q-pot. Wedding,
to “deliciously” decorate the most important turning point of your life- wedding.
Let us introduce the sweetest wedding rings.

☆First Bite Rings

First Bite Fork Ring (K18WHGD) ¥120,000+tax~
First Bite Spoon Ring (K18WHGD) ¥110,000+tax~~
Rings inspired by “First Bite” meaning a bride and a groom feed each other a piece of cake.
The design is simple yet very detailed. Fork motif for men, and spoon motif for women.
The message from a groom is, “he promises the bride to provide for her forever.”
And the message from a bride is, “she promises the groom to cook delicious meals forever.”

☆Alice / Key Hole Ring & Heart Key Ring

Alice Key / Key Hole Ring (K18WHGD) ¥125,000+tax~
Alice / Heart Key Ring (K18PKGD) ¥100,000+tax~
A little door and a key to open that door, which appear in “Alice in Wonderland”. Dreamy rings inspired by the story.
There is only one key to fit the key hole of his door・・・ The design is, to represent the strong bond of a couple.

Additionally, starting in late November 2014, “Tiara du Chocolat” will also be available for purchase order.
The tiaras have only been available for rentals for those who had ordered Q-pot. Wedding rings till now.
The order service will be available for guests who ordered Q-pt. Wedding rings, of course, and will also be available for anyone to order “Tiara du Chocolat” only.

☆Tiara du Chocolat

Luxe chocolat on top of the tiara, brightly shines like a jewelry.
This will dress you up to be the sweetest & happiest bride; and is available to choose from passionate red chocolat, and sweet pink chocolat!

☆Micky Mouse / Tiara du Chocolat

And, Mickey Mouse design is joining the party of tiaras’!
A tiara designed with a combination of Mickey Mouse and chocolate fantasy; decorated with a luxe chocolat Mickey Mouse.

Photo Top: Tiara du Chocolat (Rouge / Milky Pink) ¥50,000+tax each
Photo Bottom: Mickey Mouse / Tiara du Chocolat ¥50,000+tax
※You can also choose the frame color of tiara from silver, and gold.

[Q-pot. Wedding New Items Release]
Date: 19th November, 2014(Wednesday)
Place: Q-pot. Harajuku Flagship Shop / Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku / Q-pot. Takashimaya Osaka
※Advanced release on the 5th November(Wednesday) at Q-pot. Takashimaya Osaka
※”Q-pot. Wedding” items, including rings and tiaras, are all order made.
It takes 6~7 weeks till the delivery of the order. Thank you for your understanding.

Advanced release at Takashimaya Osaka from the 5th November (Wednesday)!
●More details here

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