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Valentine's Day-limited menu at Q-pot CAFE.☆

21st January, 2015(Wednesday)~28th February(Saturday)


New collection“Cherry BonBon” series come up as real sweets at Q-pot CAFE.!

☆Valentine's Day Plate 2015~Sakura-n-bonbon(Chocolat/Strawberry)~Sakura-n-bonbon(Cherry bonbon)♪113_cafe4jpg.jpg
A close pair of mousse, like a real couple.
Sweet and tangy cherry jelly is hiding inside the mousse☆
Which flavor would you like- Chocolate mousse or Strawberry & Raspberry mousse??
Let's spend a gorgeous Valentine with this Valentine plate at Q-pot CAFE.

[Valentine's Day Plate 2015~Sakura-n-bonbon(Chocolat/Strawberry)~]
Place:Q-pot CAFE.
Date:21st January, 2015(Wednesday)~28th, February(Saturday)
Price:¥2,060 with one drink (including tax)
※The quantity of the plate is limited per day.
※Contains:Milk, Egg and Gelatin

☆Valentine's Day Drink 2015~Cherry Chocolatte~

A really cute hot drink, perfect for the Valentine's season♪
Slightly bitter cococa flavor and mild scent of cherry may touch you.
Pink milk froth, and the red hearts on it, also match the season!
For you who want to try a slightly bitter taste. Good as a gift for yourself.
Let's have a break with this lovely drink from Q-pot. CAFE.

[Cherry Chocolatte]
Place:Q-pot CAFE.
Date:21st January, 2015(Wednesday)~28th, February(Saturday)
Price:¥750(tax including)
※If you order for a set menu, it is set menu price +¥100

☆Seasonal Afternoon Tea Set

How about a heart warming afternoon tea set in a cold season?

Tomato cream soup. Croissant Sand with shrimps, nuts to enjoy the texture, and aurora sauce☆
On the upper sweets plate, are delicate sweet taste of pistachio triffles!
Please spend elegant tea time with this Q-pot CAFE. Afternoon Tea Set.

[Seasonal Afternoon Tea Set]
Place:Q-pot CAFE.
Date:21st January, 2015(Wednesday)~28th, February(Saturday)
Price:¥2,400(tax included) per person
※Weekdays only:11:30〜15:00(L.O. 14:00)
※Available upon from 2 persons.
※There is a limited in number.
※Contains:Milk, Egg, Wheat, Shrimp and Nuts

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