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“Melty Parfait” comes back again this year too!

April 1st(Wed)~April 28th(Tue), 2015


“Melty Parfait” comes back again this year too!
It becomes more delicious one!

☆Melty Parfait(Strawberry/Chocolate)
You can choose from two flavors, sweet-sour strawberry or bitter chocolate.
Jiggly jelly and fresh strawberry look very cute☆
Filling of tasty cream and strawberry/chocolate sauce♪

Of course Petit Creamy Macaron is on it as a topping!
Lovely parfait brings the special sweet tea time to you♡

[Melty Parfait(Strawberry/Chocolate)]
Place:Q-pot CAFE.
Date:April 1st(Wed)~April 28th(Tue), 2015
Price:\1,770 with a drink(including tax)
※※The quantity is limited per a day.
※Contains:Milk, Egg, Wheat

Seasonal drink also comes back

☆Strawberry Tea Latte
“Strawberry tea Latte” is based on Q-pot CAFE. original tea, “Early Bright”.
When you mix pure white milk with homemade strawberry jam, it becomes lovely pink tea latte♪

[Strawberry Tea Latte]
Place:Q-pot CAFE.
Date:April 1st(Wed)~June 7th(Sun), 2015
Price:\750(including tax)
※If you order for a set menu, it is set menu price +¥100
※The quantity is limited per a day.

●Click here for the page of recruitments(Q-pot CAFE.)!!!

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