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Enjoy communication with smart phone cases of Q-pot.!!!

Q-pot. smart phone case collection


The cell-phone is necessity to daily life.

Such as important item, you want to be particular, right?
Q-pot. has sweet design, special collaboration design, and more!
Let's change the iPhone case depends on the season/clothes!
Melty Chocolate iPhone 6 Case(Silicon) Brown \7,000+tax
ONLINE SHOP-limited Petit Sweet Strawberry Cake Strap \5,800+tax

Sweets Mickey&Minnie/iPhone 6+ case \6,000+tax
Strawberry Marble Ice Candy Sweet Jack Charm \9,000+tax

Chocolate and Muchrooms and Dots iPhone 5・5s case \6,000+tax
Round Black Sesame Biscuit Code Reel \6,000+tax

Sweets Mickey/iPhone 5s・5 case \6,000+tax
Round Milk Biscuit Code Reel \6,000+tax

Q-pot CAFE. iPhone 5・5s case \4,000+tax
Vanilla Fork Sweet Jack Charm \5,500+tax

We have many many items for mobile accessories!
Let's find your favorite one♪♪

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