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Love summer, love watermelon!!

Fresh and juicy watermelon arrive at Q-pot CAFE.♪


King of summer fruit is ... of course " watermelon"!!!

Everyone love this "cool" fruit, of course you say YES, don't you?

Today we feature on watermelon design items from Q-pot. collection☆



Watermelon sherbet Bag Charm 

¥5,800+tax / Hair Band / ¥5,000+tax / Strap ¥5,000+tax/ 

Ring ¥5,000+tax / Necklace ¥8,500+tax


Q-pot.'s watermelon sherbet is natural and 100% pure!!

And, plus twinkle swarovski (It is seed! ) topping on.

Please check very detailed watermelon's skin too☆


●Please enjoy summer with this super cool item☆Check the item from the link below!



Q-pot. TOKYO SKY TREE TOWN・Solamachi shop limited.

TOKYO SKY TREE TOWN(R)-SKY TREE Key Holder ¥800+tax /

TOKYO SKY TREE TOWN(R)-Pin ¥500 ※tax included 


Have you been to the new symbolic tower in Tokyo "TOKYO SKY TREE"?

The tower is very near to on the most historical spot in Tokyo; "Asakusa". 

There are so many attractive spot for sightseeing, and you can buy good Japanese taste souvenir. 

Do you get the limited items for Japan Trip, don't you?




QQQ-pot. SHOP Lumine Omiya & Q-pot. Lucua Osaka shop limited 

Watermelon Pouch ¥4,800+tax

Watermelon sherbet Bag Charm ¥5,800+tax



This item is for all watermelon lovers!

Very catchy design will make fun mood in your bag☆

And, of course inside color is "red", it's looks like real watermelon.





[Watermelon items]

Place: Q-pot. shops/ Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP

※Limited items are sold only for specify shops. Please check the item title.

If you are not clear, please ask to Q-pot. shops. 

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