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Q-pot.2015 Halloween Collection start★★★

Q-pot.2015 Halloween Collection is arrival on 3rd October!


Ghost "Q" 's cutie pet "poisonous spider"

Ghost "Q" 's favorite drink "poison"

Why don't you taste?

You are already a member of mysterious party after drinking once...


Poison Spider Bottle Necklace ¥18,000+tax

Poison Spider Pierce ¥7,600+tax

Poison Melt Ring ¥8,200+tax

This year Halloween collection is so surreal indeed.

「If you drink in one scoop, you are going to heaven!!!」

Such a dark fantasy taste new " Poison" collection is arrival here.


Poison Spider Necklace(Black) ¥16,000+tax

Poison Spider Ring(Black) ¥14,000+tax

Poison Spider Brooch(Brown) ¥9,000+tax

Ghost "Q" 's cutie pet "poisonous spider" became to be a member of Q-pot. Halloween♪

"Poisonous spider" is made material by flocky.

How would like to be a poisonous girl? ouch!!!



Silkhat Ghost Acrylic Brooch ¥6,500+tax

Ribbon Ghost Acrylic Brooch ¥6,500+tax

Bat Acrylic Barrette ¥6,500+tax

Spider Web&Bat Necklace15,000tax

Bat Pochette ¥21,500+tax

"Q" bat is stork of ghost "Q"?

Q-pot. standard hair accessory barrette has new design, "bat"♪

And more, sugar cookie made "bat" collection and "Bat Pochette" is from fratty products 「pettan collection」, all new Q-pot. Halloween member!!!

For greedy & sleepyhead ghost "Q", coffin shaped CHOCOLATE CAKE is best, isn't it!? Cross is designed by whip cream on the top is so cute♡
Further more, necklace and bag charm has a ghost "Q" design plate!

Milk Biscuit Beret Charm ¥5,000+tax each
This year ghost "Q" is so fashionable and dress up with so many variation♡
As new dress up item, big hit item Q-pot."s beret charm is new arrival.
Let's enjoy Halloween fashion with ghost "Q" together!

The castle that ghost "Q" are hiding in is became to display stand!
You can enjoy Halloween mood at your home as well♫

Laughing shady "Jack-o'-lantern", ghost "Q"s sugar cookie made "bone" and so on... let's have a fun party!!!

★Special free giveaway★
From 3rd October 2015, you can get "Q-pot. original bracelet" if you purchase ¥10,800(including tax) or more!
Halloween coloring purple&black, which do you prefer??
※Number of novelty has limit. Thank you for your understanding.

[ 2015 Q-pot. Halloween collection ]
Date: 3rd October, 2015
Place: Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)
※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order,
before and on the 1st day of the release date, back-order and delivery request.
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