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Q-pot. NEW collection “COFFEE&DOUGHNUTS” is arrival!

3rd November 2015 on sale☆


NEW “COFFEE&DOUGHNUTS” collection is arrival at all Q-pot. shops.

Are you ready?


A cup of coffee and doughnuts.

Please do not forget to put some topping on your life


Have a wonderful everyday!





Q-pot. Blend Coffee Necklace ¥17,000+tax

Selectable Coffee Charm

(Q-pot. Blend Coffee/Matcha Latte/Café Latte) ¥3,500+tax/each

Coffee&Doughnuts Necklace ¥18,000+tax

Q-pot. Blend Coffee Ring ¥13,000+tax

What would you like add any "topping"?

Very Q-pot. taste HOT coffee make your heart warming this winter.

Let's share HOT&SWEET feeling through wearing NEW collection jewelry!  


The coffee is made in top "Q"uality coffee beans♬

Please look carefully at the coffee... you may can see "Q" mark...!





Coffee&Doughnuts Coin Cup ¥3,000+tax

Coffee&Doughnuts Mug Cup ¥2,400+tax

May I have a coffee to go?

This "coffee" is... "M・O・N・E・Y B・A・N・K"!!!

It looks perfectly "coffee", isn't it?


For coffee lovers, "Mug Cup" is also new arrival.

Let's have a break, have a coffee time♬


※"Money Bank" and "Mug Cup" is available at all Q-pot. shops in Japan.





Doughnuts Necklace ¥9,000+tax

Melty Doughnuts Necklace ¥9,000+tax

Doughnuts Bag Charm ¥9,000+tax

Melty Doughnuts Bag Charm ¥7,000+tax

Soft, moist and light...doughnuts is taste of happiness♡

Everyone love "Doughnuts" is became jewelry!

Plain, Stwarberry, Chocolate and Matcha・・・

I cannot choose one flavor!!!

Please feel real looking 




Chocolate Nuts Doughnuts Necklace ¥13,000+tax

Chocolate Nuts Doughnuts Pierce ¥8,000+tax

Strawberry Nuts Doughnuts Ring ¥11,000+tax

This series is good for wide range of style and everyone!

Yellow gold plated in mat material, and pink gold is not choose people to wear☆




Sugar Nuts Doughnuts

Necklace/K10YG ¥42,000+tax・Bracelet/K10YG ¥40,000+tax

Raspberry Nuts Doughnuts

Necklace/K10PG ¥42,000+tax・Bracelet/K10YG ¥40,000+tax

(Items above is available ONLY at Q-pot. Lounge handling shops)


From the fine jewelry line; Q-pot. Lounge, sugary looking
"diamond" and taste of sweet; raspberry like "ruby" are topping on Q-pot.Doughnuts collection. 

Very detailed fine jewelry is recommend for women who are mature but forever sweet tooth☆




Date:3rd November, 2015

Place:Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)/Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP
 (Some of items will be stocked, sale from the 5th of November, 18:00~ in Japan time.)

※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order before and on the 1st day of the release date, back-order and delivery request.


※Q-pot. Lounge handling shops.

Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop


Q-pot. Shinjuku Takashimaya Shop 

Q-pot. Osaka Takashimaya Shop

Q-pot. JR Nagoya Takashimaya Shop


●Q-pot CAFE. also ready to have a coffee break with Q-pot. "COFFEE&DOUGHNUTS"♬



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