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The White Day Gift Collection☆

Recommended items as gifts from Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP!


March 14th is the White Day.

Today we recommend the items for the White Day gifts!

For your princess, why don’t you get Q-pot’s happy&sweet gift?


☆Less than ¥10,000☆

~Rose Chocolat~

Classy rose-shaped chocolate has intoxicating beauty.

Just putting on it, all woman refine the womanliness.

Give a sweet bouquet of roses instead of real roses♪


Rose Chocolat Ring ¥6,500+tax for each

Rose Chocolat Hair Rubber Band ¥6,500+tax for each

Elegant Mint Rose Chocolat Pierced Earrings(M) ¥7,500+tax

Elegant Bitter Rose Chocolat Pierced Earrings(S) ¥7,500+tax



~Dessert Time~

Cutlery motif accessories made of silver.

‘Dessert time’ collection is inspired by the scenes of eating cakes and

spoon up sugar made of Cubic Zirconia.

It’s very original! With a book-shaped gift box, it looks more lovely.


Spoon&Fork Necklace ¥20,000+tax

Spoon Pierced Earring ¥12,000+tax

Fork Pierced Earring ¥11,000+tax

Sweet Collection Box(L) ¥1,600+tax

Sweet Collection Box(M) ¥1,500+tax for each



~Melty Heart~

A small heart is melting…!

‘Melting Heart’ collection, which was last winter collection, will be back for White Day!

All girls gonna love this tinted pink color♡


Melty Heart Necklace(10K Pink Gold) ¥26,000+tax

Melty Heart Pierced Earring(10K Pink Gold) ¥19,000+tax


[‘The White Day Gift Collection’]

Location:Q-pot. shopsQ-pot. ONLINE SHOP

*Please contact contact@Q-pot.jp about the stock at Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP.

*Item stock depends on the shop. Please feel free to ask the casts.



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