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The 4th Anniversary Event at Q-pot. Tokyo Skytree town Solamachi shop

29th April(Friday, Holiday) 2016 will start!


Q-pot. Tokyo Skytree town Solamachi shop celebrates 4th Anniversary! The concept of the shop is Q-pot.
Town and there are the hotel is covered by Melty Chocolate wall and Sweets Parlor shop is made by White Chocolate.
We will hold the 4th anniversary event from 29th April(Friday, Holiday) to 31st May(Tuesday) 2016.

☆Hit iPhone6 case in New color!

Chocolate covered Strawberry-iPhone6 case \15,000+tax
Sakura Blossom Meringue Bag Charm ¥7,200+tax
This combination of brown and pink is very cute!
Brand new iPhone case of book style like Strawberry Chocolate!!!

If you are looking for sweeter iPhone case, Strawberry Chocolate is here for you!
Melty Condensed Milk×Strawberry Chocolate - iPhone6 case \6,500+ tax

☆The cherry blossoms of Q-pot. are at their best still now!
For celebrating the 4th anniversary, Saku Saku Sakura series will be re-stocked!!!
If you missed or have never seen, please come to Q-pot. shop and join our Cherry blossom viewing♬

Saku Saku Sakura
Sakura Blossom Meringue Ribbon Necklace ¥12,000+tax/Sakura Blossom Meringue Necklace ¥7,000+tax/Sakura Blossom Meringue Ring ¥4,000+tax/
Sakura Blossom Meringue Pierce ¥6,000+tax/Sakura Blossom Meringue Strap ¥4,000+tax/

SAKURA Mont Blanc
SAKURA Mont Blanc Necklace ¥9,500+tax/SAKURA Mont Blanc Ring ¥5,800+tax/SAKURA Mont Blanc Strap ¥5,800+tax/
SAKURA Mont Blanc Bag Charm ¥6,500円+tax

☆Limited items at Q-pot. Tokyo Skytree town Solamachi shop are the best for souvenirs!!!
SkyTreeLimited/Macaron Necklace(blue) ¥8,000+tax
SkyTreeLimited/Macaron Necklace(purple) ¥8,000+tax
SkyTreeLimited/SAKURA Ricecake Macaron Bag Charm ¥5,800+tax

Macarons represent “Miyabi“ with Blue of “Sky”, Green of “Tree” and Edo Purple♪
We recommend SkyTreeLimited/SAKURA Ricecake Macaron that has Cherry leaves pickled in salt and Swarovski is inspired by adzuki beans★

☆Must buy item
Tokyo Skytree Town KH(LBLU)/ Tokyo Skytree Town KH(RED) ¥800+tax
These unique key chains mean “Sky” tree and “Suika”(Watermelon in Japanese) tree!
It is too difficult to choose the one, both are adorable♡
They are on affordable price range and very good for souvenirs!

You can also get some items from Q-pot CAFE. during this event!

Mini Milk Cookie Can / Mini Cocoa Cookie Can (8 pieces) ¥1,500+tax

Tea Bag Packet ¥1000+tax
Tea Bag Tin Can ¥2600+tax

From the cute can, you will find crunchy cookies!
Tea with cookie is like Tea time at Q-pot CAFE.♪

☆New Capsule Toy!

One time ¥500
No one really knows what will jump out of this Q-pot. original Capsule Toy.
Popular motifs from Q-pot. became can badges!
Another items are coming soon♪ Limited item for Q-pot. Tokyo Skytree town Solamachi!?

Please visit and enjoy Q-pot. Tokyo Skytree town Solamachi shop♪

[The 4th Anniversary event at Q-pot. Tokyo Skytree town Solamachi shop]
Location: Tokyo Skytree town Solamachi 2F Q-pot. Tokyo Skytree town Solamachi shop
Date:29th  April to 31st  May 2016.
Opening hour:10:00~21:00
Tel : 03-5610-3156
*We cannot accept your request about reservation and order, before and on the 1st day of the release date, back-order and delivery request.
*We cannot accept any delivery request, thank you for your understanding.

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