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Gift collection from Q-pot. for your someone special.

Japanese gift rapping is available at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP & Q-pot CAFE.


There is only 1 month left in this year.

How about sending a positive & sweet item from Q-pot. to someone special as holiday gift?

Limited “Japanese gift wrapping” is available at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP & Q-pot CAFE. with no charge.



We ship your item within the year, 

if you order at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP during the term!

It can be a gift for celebrating new year too♪

“I do not have time to shop a gift...”

We are here for you! 

Get the sweet item for your lover, family and friends!

Let's spend a special time with them.


<How to order>

1. Please choose “Yes(有り)” for “Gift Wrapping(プレゼント包装)” on the screen “Shopping Cart(ショッピングカート)”.

2. And choose the design on the button “Japanese gift wrapping(短冊のしの選択)”.

3. Next go to “Check out(ご購入手続き)” for finishing your shopping.



※“Japanese gift wrapping(短冊のしの選択)” is not available for some items.

※Please write the message on “Others (その他ご要望欄)”, if you have any requests.

※We cannot accept to change the size and design of the wrapping,

thank you for understanding.


●Recommend items from Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP



~Q-pot CAFE.~

“Japanese gift wrapping” is still available early January.

We hope you can enjoy shopping

and find the finest gift at Q-pot CAFE.!



Who would you like to send the gift?

Sweet items from Q-pot. will be the best ones.



[Q-pot. “Japanese Gift Wrapping Service” is now available]

Place: Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP / Q-pot CAFE.

Date: 〈Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP〉Orders by December 26th(Monday), 2016 23:59.

〈Q-pot CAFE.〉By January 13th(Friday), 2017.



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