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Q-pot. Biscuit Collection♡

Add the soft sweetness and warmth to your winter looks.


Chocolate and milk flavored crispy biscuit...

The items will add soft sweetness and warmth to your style.

Which ”Biscuit” do you choose?



Necklace and cord reel are made by natural wood.

The necklace is decorated with sweet whipped cream.

Rolled cord will be like cream,

and the item looks biscuit with cream.

how unique design it is!

This item can be a brooch too,

and one of our long seller items.


Biscuit Code Reel ¥6,000+tax

Milk Biscuit Whip Necklace ¥13,000+tax




Our watch and boston bag are unique design and also high quality.

They are made in Japan by workman kindly one by one.

It is time to get your biscuit item!


Melty Biscuit Watch ¥32,000+tax


Milk Biscuit Mini Boston bag ¥45,000+tax



Q-pot. biscuit beret will be the point of your style!

Soft beige color makes you feel the warmth.

Let's enjoy winter days with this item.


BisQuit Beret ¥7,000+tax



Did you find your favorite biscuit item?

Please have a sweet time with it!



[”Biscuit” Collection is available]

Place: Q-pot. limited shop at IKSPIARI /


※If you have a question about the stock, please contact each shop.


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