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Q-pot.×Garrett Popcorn Shops® Collaboration vol.2!

Collaborated can “Q-pot. Halloween Chocolate Castle” will be released on September 15th(Friday), 2017!


Collaboration of Q-pot. and popular popcorn brand ‘Garrett Popcorn Shops®’

comes back this year! 



This year’s theme is Halloween!

Ghost Q will decorate your Halloween more special★


Q-pot.×Garrett Popcorn Shops® collaborated limited can

 “Q-pot. Halloween Chocolate Castle” 

will be released at Garrett Popcorn Shops® from September 15th(Friday).


Popcorn are popping and ghost Q is having fun♪

Let’s decorate the castle with chocolate brick and raspberry!

Bat is coming for sweet smell.

Please have a sweet time with ghost Q on Halloween.


【Q-pot. Halloween Chocolate Castle Can】


Quart and 1 Gallon can will be Q-pot. design!

These two cans will be Q-pot. chocolate castle.



You will find ghost Q making castle with chocolate block, ant coming for sweet chocolate castle, and Q bat flying… Please find them in chocolate castle♪

Date: September 15th(Friday)~October 31st(Tuesday), 2017

※While supplies last.


Size: Quart can (¥1,130円〜), 1 Gallon can (2,800円〜)

Place: All Garrett Popcorn Shops®

(Harajuku / Shisui Premium Outlets / Tokyo Station / Nagoya / LaLaport EXPOCITY)

Flavor: Cocoa Cranberry Caramel Crisp TM, Sweet Potato, Chicago mix®, Caramel Crisp TM,Cheese Cone

Flavor will be changed on season.


Please ask the staff of Garrett Popcorn Shops® about the detail.



【Collaboration Flavor Cocoa Cranberry Caramel Crisp TM】




Q-pot. collaboration flavor comes with original can!

Popcorn coated by cocoa with dried berry! Bitter cocoa and sour-sweet berry are good combination♪ You cannot stop eating!


Cocoa Cranberry Caramel Crisp TM Limited on September 15th(Friday)~October 16th(Monday), 2017

※While supplies last, thank you for understanding.



【Free Gift】




You can get special housetop kit if you purchase Q-pot.×Garrett Popcorn Shops® collaboration can! It will be available at all Garrett Popcorn Shops®.

※While supplies last, thank you for understanding.



【Q-pot CAFE. Limited Menu】

Special menu with Q-pot. collaboration flavor Cocoa Cranberry Caramel Crisp TM will be available! The detail will be released on September 5th(Tuesday)! Do not miss it♪



【Q-pot.×Garrett Popcorn Shops® Donation】



Part of proceeds will be donated to UNHCR Global Shelter Campaign.


<What is Global Shelter Campaign>

The Global Shelter Campaign brings together leading companies in order to provide and improve shelter solutions for refugees for 3 years.

→Conversation of Q-pot. Designer & UNHCR PR Yuko Suzuki is here!




【Accessories on can design】

There are some Q-pot. accessories on the special can!

Check it from here♪


●Q-pot.×Garrett Popcorn Shops® collaboration special page is here! 


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