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Ghost "Q" comes back for HALLOWEEN★

Let's enjoy your original coordinate!



It is time for cheerful Halloween season!

Ghost "Q" comes back this year for getting sweets★




Ribbon, hat and other costumes…

Ghost "Q" loves fashion!

Please check some coordinates.



☆「Trick or Treat!」

Everyone's favorite girl naughty Cat ear ghost.

She ate chocolate!


☆Ghost "Q" has colorful "Stripe Candy" in his stomach.

And he wears biscuit beret and has a baby!

Lovely Ghost daddy is here.


Left: Trick Ghost Necklace (Chocolate) ¥16,000+tax

Right:Trick Ghost Ate Stripe Candy Necklace ¥16,000+tax

Biscuit Beret ¥5,000+tax / Petit Baby Ghost Charm ¥7,000+tax



☆Ghost in coffin… it is surreal but also cute.

Heart in ghost is very important motif.


Trick Ghost Ate Chocolate Necklace ¥16,000+tax

Coffin Bed Charm ¥10,000+tax




☆Mariachi Ghost plays Avocado Guitar!

Let's enjoy cheerful Halloween★


☆Which hat and broom is ready! How about be a mysterious which?


Petit Ghost Sheets Necklace ¥12,000+tax

left:Sombrero Charm ¥3,500+tax / Avocado Guitar Charm ¥5,500+tax

Right:Which hat Charm (Metal) ¥4,500+tax / Broom Charm ¥5,500+tax


Which costume is the best?

Let's enjoy Halloween with Ghosts "Q" from Q-pot.★

Check the ghost collection from here!

【Ghosts "Q" Collection is available now!】

Place:Q-pot.shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP



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