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New collection “iPhone” case debuts from Q-pot.☆

On March 1st, 2014(Saturday), “iPhone” case debuts!!!!



☆Pre-selling of “iPhone” case☆

New collection “iPhone” for “iPhone5/5s” case debuts from Q-pot.!!

Let's change your cell-phone to appetizing sweets♪

There are five types of “iPhone” case.

We show you all of their designs today!


Firstly, chocolate! It is the icon of Q-pot.!

The gold plate melting inspired by bitter chocolate makes itself stylish and gorgeous☆


Melty Chocolate - iPhone 5/5s case ¥5,775


Secondly, strawberry, whipped cream and macaron!

in the left:The lovely combination that strawberry and whipped cream which tickle the girl's mind.

in the right:It is inspired by macaron which is one of representative motifs of Q-pot. and classical design is so lovely. There are swarovski and pearl on it and they made it looks elegant.


Strawberry Whip - iPhone 5/5s case ¥5,775

Creamy Macaron - iPhone 5/5s case ¥5,775


Finally, there are two types of girlish cases inspired by Minnie and Alice from “Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.”.

in the left:It is covered by blue color and decorated with colorful whipped cream with the hair ribbon symbolizing Alice☆

in the right:“Sweets Minnie” is made of sweets! The whipped cream is on her nose and it seems very delicious♪


Alice - iPhone 5/5s case ¥6,300

Minnie Mouse-iPhone 5/5s case ¥6,300


[“iPhone” case for “iPhone5/5s”]

Release date:March 1st, 2014(Saturday)~

Release location:Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku shop 2F


※Purchase is limited to one per customer the first day of release date.

We cannot accept your request about reservation and order before release date.

Thank you for your understanding.


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