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Q-pot.×Tommy Collaboration accessory 2nd model release♪

Re-order opens August 26th(Tuesday), 2014! New ring also comes up☆


Ultimate combination of Q-pot.×Tommy, which was a big hit debut last year, is coming back for Halloween this year!
Re-order of ‘head dress’ which will turn you into a cute cat opens☆
Also, new item ‘Ring’ comes up♪
Don’t miss this special collaboration item of Q-pot.×Tommy!!

heavenly6's "Shadow" Princess Cat Head Dress (Trick) ¥16,000+tax
february6's "Light" Princess Cat Head Dress (Treat) ¥16,000+tax

The head dress is made of chocolate fabric. We prepared 2 colors of choice.
Black cat, taking after “Tommy heavenly6” and,
White cat, taking after ”Tommy february6”.

The crown on the top is removable! You can wear the crown as a ring, too.

New color ring comes up♪
*This ring is sold as a single item.
for Light Princess 【Treat】Ring Pink Gold ¥5,800+tax
for Shadow Princess 【Trick】Ring Antique Gold ¥5,800+tax

2 color rings come up.
‘TRICK’ is the refined and nostalgic antique gold ring, and ‘TREAT’ is the cute pink gold ring.
Of course, it can be changed with the head dress!
Enjoy this Halloween with the collaboration item of Q-pot.×Tommy♪

[Q-pot.×Tommy Collaboration Accessory]
Date: August 26th(Tue), 2014. 18:00~September 5th(Fri), 2014. 11:00PM
Release location: TOMMY CLUB STORE(The page will be updated at 18:00.)
※Available only on TOMMY CLUB STORE
※These items are NOT available at Q-pot. Shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP
The items are limited. Please understand if sold out.
※Please understand that you cannot specify the date of delivery.
※Please be aware that return and exchange of the item is not accepted because these items will be in production by order.
※Deliveries are available only in Japan.


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