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Q-pot. Seasonal LOOK BOOK ~Mint Soda Lagoon~ Releasing! 9th April, 2015(Thursday) The Q-pot. 10th seasonal book on sale.



Today, we inform you the happy news that 「Q-pot. Seasonal LOOK BOOK〜Mint Soda Lagoon〜」!!
The 10th LOOK BOOK is coming soon on 9th April, 2015.

The worth reading enough Q-pot.MOOK this also this time,
sweetest information in this season that the latest Q-pot. jewelry collection and Q-pot CAFE'S menu would taste to fully packed.

New collection “Disney Snow White Collection”, which is collecting a lot of attention before the sale, is featured too!
Top stylist-Miki Aizawa, Hair make artist-Fusae Tachibana and Photographer-Shinichi Sasaki presented “Light&Shade” of the story of Snow White.
Don't miss it!

●Click here for more details about “Disney Snow White Collection”!

SUPER dream collaboration was born in Led the moon of light
☆☆☆Q-pot.דPretty Guardian Sailor Moon”☆☆☆
is finally lifting of the ban!!!!!!!!!!!
Please get the fastest news of everything about the brand from this book!

●More detail about SUPER dream collaboration
Q-pot.דPretty Guardian Sailor Moon” at  Q-pot. Official website NEWS.

And, what’s coming with the magazine inside is...
A “Foldable tote bag” that

"Foldable tote bag" that got the very popular in the last autumn and winter issue
It becomes spring summer version, even appeared to power up!

Has also become the title of the book, tote bag that the image of 2015 Spring and Summer New collection "Mint Soda Lagoon" is soft mint and purple
color tone is attractive and must be good matching for your warm season style.

In addition, and the cover that turns into a form of be folded and cute seashell,
Functionality have also inside pocket also attached is the best.

In size luggage enters plenty, very convenient from entering the bag folded folded into a compact.
The left and right from the folded to bring folding from the bottom to the top.
And the combined front and back of the lid can be easily accommodated by simply fasten the button.
Please use this bag for your daily♫

For more details, will be announced at Q-pot. Official website NEWS page & Q-pot. mail magazine, so please look forward to it!

「Q-pot. Seasonal LOOK BOOK~Mint Soda Lagoon~」
(C)Gakken Education Publishing
Date: 9th April, 2015(Thursday)
Price: ¥1,620+tax
Place: Book stores, Convenience stores, Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP,
Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop and other WEBSITES.

●Check and Shopping the book at <Amazon.jp>

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