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“Disney Snow White Collection” debuts.

Released on April 1st, 2015(Wed)☆


“Snow White Collection” finally debuts from “Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.”, which is a brand to express Disney stories in an innovative way of Q-pot. inspiration.

snow white.jpg
“Snow White&Poisoned Apple”, “Pop&Surrealism”, “Tenderness&Hatred”, “Front&Back”...there are many “Light&Shade” behind in the story of Snow White, and Q-pot. reproduces it as the artistic works wonderfully.
Many key items of the story like a poisoned apple, an apple pie and the witch's mirror becomes classical and nostalgic accessories.


Snow White / Melty Poisoned Apple Necklace \32,000+tax

The necklace is inspired by a poisoned apple which is the symbol of the story.
There is Snow White eating an apple in the apple full of fruit juice.
Also you can get the special apple-shaped package which is made of glass.

[From the left]
Snow White / Apple Bag Charm \9,000+tax
Snow White / Apple&Basket Necklace \18,000+tax
Snow White / Poisoned Apple Ring #11 ♯13 \14,000+tax

Do you know Snow White makes an apple pie in the story?
“Apple pie” items tickle fan's heart.
The necklace of witch's basket which a poisoned apple is put in, the ring which has two faces and more...all items of “Snow White Collection” series show the unique and surreal world.

Snow White / Magical Hand Mirror \7,500+tax

“Mirror, mirror on the wall... Who's the fairest of them all?”
Witch's mirror in which Snow White is reflected becomes a hand mirror!
Look closely, there is the witch behind Snow White...
Wood carving, inlaying, you can feel high quality because all are made in Japan.

※“Snow White Collection” series with the original message

★From March 24th, 2015(Tue), the special web site will be shown about “Snow White Collection”!! Don't miss it!!

★From April 1st(Wed), the fake mirror inspired by the world of “Snow White” will appear in Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop, Skytree Town Solamachi shop and LUCUA Osaka shop!
What will be reflected in the mirror?
Please come and see to the shops!!

[“Disney Snow White Collection”]
Date:April 1st, 2015(Wednesday)
Place:Q-pot. shops/Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00)
※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order, before and on the 1st day of the release date.
Thank you for your understanding.

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