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Pop summer☆“Ice Candy” series debut!!

Released on April 29th, 2015(Wed)


Colorful “Ice Candy” series are like Modern pop art works.
Colorful&Vitamin sweets for the summer come up!

[From the left]
Honey&Bee&Lemon Ice Candy Necklace \23,000+tax
Chocolate Banana Ice Candy Necklace \23,000+tax
Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Candy Key Holder \17,000+tax

Bananas and rich chocolate, sliced lemon and sweet-sour honey,
Full of strawberry with yoghurt taste...Fresh juicy fruits are filled in the ice candies.
There is Q mark on the stick of ice candy like the real one!

[From the left]
Mint Chocolate Marble Ice Candy Necklace \13,000+tax
Strawberry Marble Ice Candy Pierce(single) \9,000+tax
Vanilla Chocolate Marble Ice Candy Sweet Jack Charm \9,000+tax

Marble ice candies are very cute because of their petit size.
They make you happy just to see them♡

Frozen Pineapple Bangle \26,000+tax
(Reference items:Banana Pouch \4,800+tax/Chocolate Whip Ring \3,600+tax)

Frozen ice bangle with a fresh sliced pineapple!
Cool accessory makes you super cool!


Honey&Bee&lemon Ice Candy Clutch Bag \10,000+tax
Mint Ice Candy Clutch Bag \10,000+tax
Honey Lemon Caramel Ice Candy Round Fastener Wallet \27,000+tax
Honey&Bee&Lemon Ice Candy Key Holder \17,000+tax
Chocolate Mint Strawberry Ice Candy Round Fastener Wallet \27,000+tax
Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Candy Key Holder \17,000+tax

Clutch bags and wallets from “Ice Candy” series join “Marche du Q-pot.”,
contains variety of daily items like wallets, key case etc.☆
Strawberry color inside the chocolate mint one, and caramel color inside honey lemon one!
It looks like double ice cream!

[From the left]
Muscut Ice Candy Necklace \26,000+tax
Peach Ice Candy Ice Candy Necklace \26,000+tax
Grape Ice Candy Pierce(single) \19,000+tax

Fine petit ice candy with natural stones like amethyst.
It decorates you gorgeously.
Ice candy made of natural stones looks mature but it also has playfulness of Q-pot.☆

Other ice cream series are restocked too!
Q-pot. shops become Ice cream shops in this season, please come and feel the early summer!

[“Ice Candy” series]
Date:April 29th, 2015(Wednesday)
Place:Q-pot. shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)
※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order, before and on the 1st day of the release date.
Thank you for your understanding.

※Handling Marche du Q-pot. shops:
・Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop
・Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku shop
・Q-pot. Lumine Omiya shop
・Q-pot. Ginza Mitsukoshi shop
・Q-pot. LUCUA Osaka shop
・Q-pot. Tokyo Skytree Twon Solamachi shop

※Handling Q-pot.Lounge shops:
・Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop
・Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku shop
・Q-pot. Takashimaya Osaka shop
・Q-pot. JR Nagoya Takashimaya shop

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