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Melting “Melty Watch” coming back!!!

Restocked on 10th October, 2015(Sat)!


Number, hand…and big clockface are melting,

“Melty Watch” draws a beautiful curve.

All are melting, “Melty Watch” ticks sweet time with you.


☆Melty Watch



Melty Watch (Chocolate/Strawberry Chocolate) \28,000+tax for each

※Made by SEIKO

Bitter chocolate×gold for chic and bitter coordinates.

Strawberry chocolate×pink gold for romantic coordinates.

Which is your style? These popular colors are restocked in this autumn.

There are many “Q” logos on the belt, and you can feel its high quality.

Don’t miss this big opportunity to get this watch.


Q-pot.Time collection has sweet watches, bring you delicious time.


☆Melty Biscuit Watch



Melty Biscuit Watch(Beige/ Brown/ Pink) \32,000+tax for each

※Made by SEIKO

You can choose your favorite taste from three, gentle milk biscuit, calm chocolate biscuit and girlish strawberry biscuit.

Clockface and belt are made of crunchy baked biscuits.

With a girlish taste package, with a round biscuit and stripe ribbon.



☆Decoration Cake Watch



Decoration Cake Watch (Chocolate/Strawberry) \33,000+tax

※Made by SEIKO

We recommend Decoration cake watch which you can wear casually.

It's dreamy design that fire burns to the second hand inspired by the candle motif when it is the tea time at 3 o'clock.

Thin band and fine and delicate design watch boosts your femininity.

With a chocolate cake/strawberry cake shaped package♪

Please spend delicious time with Q-pot. sweet watches.


[Q-pot.Time Restock]

Date: 10th October, 2015(Saturday)

Place: All Q-pot. shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00pm~)

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