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Latest info about Q-pot. × SHARP collaboration “Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV".

Order ends on the 14th December, 2015.



Made in Japan products「Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV」


“Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV” is the new type interior Television that is made in Japan.

Luxury material "black walnut” is fully used in frame for express Q-pot.'s chocolate.


The wooden Chocolate design frame is made use of an expression of

pure materials original feel of a material and clean grain of wood in to the maximum.

The more you use it the color of chocolate gradually changes and it becomes the only one interior in the world.


"Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV" has been started an order since the last year,

we close up about the fine material and high techniques for crating the TV.






...The factory「AR Factory」 is established in 1973,  the factory is one of the pioneer factory in Japanese household appliance industry.

The wooden flame of  the“Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV”is made in this one and only print technique's factory.



Expression of the warmth of the wood is by used in pure material and fine detailed print technique indeed.




The passion from all craftsman that "we would like to create the heart warming products"... 

the“Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV”is created fully made in the Japanese high technique and hot passions. 


Many of Q-pot. designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu's products and works are very particular about  Made in Japan”production.


"Q-pot. hope to keep craftsman's techniques and beautiful works for future."

"Q-pot. wish to all over the world people feel the fine Japanese techniques."


Above designer's mind is expressed through the Q-pot. works and products by real professionals in Japan.


On of the master peace of the Japanese made works,“Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV” order is

available until 14th December 2015. Please feel the Japanese philosophy and fine product.


Please enjoy to spend on precious time through the “Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV.


Order is available only at Q-pot. Harajuku Flagship shop and Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP.

[“Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV”]

Order terms:Until 14th December 2015.

●Q-pot. Harajuku Flagship shop

ADDRESS:3-7-11 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo

Tell:+81 3 5467 5470

Opening Hours:12:00〜20:00



●Please check Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP from the link below.


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