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Q-pot. Limited POP UP shop open in IKSPIARI☆

Shop open from 2nd〜 30th November 2015.


Q-pot. Limited POP UP shop is coming back to IKSPIARI again!!

So many fun topics such as pre-sales of NEW “COFFEE&DOUGHNUTS” collection items, 

special workshop and so on ...in the event♫



☆ NEW “COFFEE&DOUGHNUTS” collection is the fastest on sale☆




A cup of coffee and doughnuts.

Please do not forget to put some topping on your life


Have a wonderful everyday!


The “COFFEE&DOUGHNUTS”collection that is featured on the newest Q-pot. Seasonal LOOK BOOK, 

is really recommend for this autumn&winter is pre-sales in the IKSPIARI POP UP shop.



☆Popular items from Q-pot CAFE. also will be stocked☆


Q-pot CAFE. Mini-cookie can;Plane / Cocoa(8 cookies/each) ¥1,620(tax including)

Q-pot CAFE. Milk BisQuit Note Book ¥810(tax including)

Q-pot CAFE. Mini BisQuit Towel ¥972(tax including)

Q-pot.'s biscuit printed on cute looks round form can.

You can  choice 2 flavor cans;plane and cocoa at IKSIARI limited shops!

The color is each different; Beige / plane flavor ・ Brown / cocoa flavor.

And cutie Mini-cookie can is same design with cookie's towel and ring type note,

These are so recommend for gift, souvenir, but of course for own use too♪


☆IKSIARI shop limited item is Strawberry flavor☆


リボンシュガークッキーネックレス 9,000円+税/リング 5,000円+税/バッグチャーム 7,500円+税

イチゴ マカロンネックレス 7,700円+税/バッグチャーム 5,400+税


Strawberry Macaron Necklace ¥7,700円+tax/Bag Charm ¥5,400+tax

Ribbon Sugar Cookie Necklace ¥9,000円+tax/Ring ¥5,000+tax /Bag Charm ¥7,500+tax



☆Special novelty "Leather Accessory Tray"


Between the event term, you can get 「Q-pot. original "Leather Accessory Tray"」if you purchase ¥21,600 (including tax) or more!

You do not miss your important small jewelry and accessories 

if you put and keep them in the tray♪

※Novelty has limited number, thank you for your understanding.


☆Original "Moist Potpourri" work shop☆


「Let's make your "Moist Potpourri" by topping flower, color and smells in the lovely bin! 」

Between the event term, you can do 「Original "Moist Potpourri" work shop」if you purchase ¥10,800 (including tax) or more!

Please make ONLY ONE potpourri by putting your favorite flower and colored salt, then topping the aroma oil in the last・・・it's done♪


You can relax with the aroma bin in the office too.

Please make for your daily refreshment. That is good for your honey♡

※The workshop has limited number to do. Thank you for your understanding. 



☆Photo shooting spot☆ 


" Life can be wonderful if you have mind of Sweet・Happy・Smile・Hug・Love・Peace...

  there are all you needs for the life."

Let's express your happy life through the concept of NEW collection ”COFFEE&DOUGHNUTS” !!

So, what would you like to do topping on your life?


1. Please select your "topping".

2. Taking photo with some pose with your "topping". Say CHEESE!!!

3. Putting special " topping sticker" on the Polaroid ("Cheki"/ instax-mini) ☆

4. Let's share the photo&your smile on SNS. Writing your positive is very welcome♫

※All SNS is OK(Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumbler etc)


The event is available for all guests who may not purchase Q-pot. items.

Please come to enjoy the event everyone!!!


[Q-pot. IKSPIARI limited POP UP shop]

Date:2nd〜30th November, 2015

Opening Hour:10:00~21:00

Place:IKSPIARI 2F Trader's Passage

Address:1-4 Maihama Urayasu, Chiba

TEL:090-6920-7107 ※This number is ONLY available in term of the event.

※※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order,

 before and on the 1st day of the release date, back-order and delivery request.

※We cannot accept any delivery request, thank you for your understanding.

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