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Q-pot. Couple Ring Collection is debut!

Release on 14th November 2015.




You can imagine how sweet design Q-pot. Couple Ring collection, isn't it?

This winter, Q-pot. Couple Ring Collection is debut!

All rings have concept and story... which one is for you & your darling?



Chocolate Bar Ring(Silver)  ¥13,000+tax (※not pair)

Melting design chocolate ring, it is each other melt like a couple...♡

The sweet relationship that is continue to be loved chocolate in delicious richness and rich and mellow scent.






Cheese Ring(Silver) ¥14,000+tax (※not pair)

Cheese Ring(Silver×18Gold plated)¥14,000+tax (※not pair)

To express the texture of the cheese is subjected to a bumpy.

Couple love as cheese also aged by overlapping the years.

Heart of silhouette appears to placing your ring on the other ring...

please keep in to only couple of the sweet secret.





Round Whip Cream Ring(Silver) ¥13,000+tax (※not pair)

Try gorgeously decorated your fingertip beautiful whipped cream ring.

The ring makes sweet and decorate couple time.

Have the ring together with him who is sweet tooth!! 





Melt Ring(Silver)  ¥18,000+tax (※not pair)

Melt Ring is big popular in women and men both!!

Q-pot. promise your couple forever love through the ring♡

※Ring size is able to select from #7 / #9 / #11 / #13 / #15 / #17




Variety of colorful jewelry box is arrival☆

Design is antique style and really profound feeling.

Please open the page like a real book, his & hers new story start from here・・・

How is “Q-pot. Sweet Collection Box” for Christmas gift?



Sweet Collection Box (S size ONLY/White ONLY) ¥1,200+tax

Sweet Collection Box (L size ONLY/White ONLY) ¥1,600+tax

Sweet Collection Box (M size ONLY/ Red・Pink・Green ONLY) ¥1,500+tax

We have 3 different boxes S / M / L.

Several size boxes are selectable for petite jewelry to long chain type necklace and bracelet.

Please enjoy to select which is the best for your special gift☆☆☆


[Q-pot. Couple Ring Collection]

Date:14th November 2015

Place:Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)

※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order before 

and on the 1st day of the release date, back-order and delivery request.

Thank you for your understanding.


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