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Q-pot. Autumn Collection “Coffee Time”

”Chocolate Chip Cookie” & “Cafe Mocha” debut on 6th August, 2016(Saturday)☆


Q-pot. Autumn 2016

Coffee Time debut

on 6th August, 2016(Saturday)


There is a story at the coffee shop.

An autumn wind makes me chilly, and then I go into the cafe.

Having a good time with hot cappuccino warms my body, 

crunchy chocolate chip cookie and my new favorite book.

It is time to begin relaxing for myself.

< Chocolate Chip Cookie >


Chocolate Chip Ribbon Cookie Necklace ¥9,000+tax

Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie Necklace ¥9,000+tax

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring ¥4,800+tax

Other: Hair Rubber Band ¥4,800+tax / Clip-on Earring ¥4,800+tax / Bag Charm ¥7,500+tax


Crunchy cookie with chocolate chip is the best…

“Chocolate Chip Cookie” is here.

Very yummy taste, it’s bitter and sweet!

Let’s have a coffee time with mocha whipped cream on Cafe Mocha.

< Cafe mocha >


Q-pot. Blend Coffee Necklace ¥17,000+tax

Selectable Q coffee charm

Q-pot. Blend Coffee/Matcha Latte/Cafe Latte)Each ¥3,500+tax


Which topping do you want to add?

Hot and sweet coffee necklace from Q-pot. is here! 

You can choose the flavor of coffee as selectable charm♪

New item: Cafe Mocha charm debuts this autumn!


Q-pot. Blend Coffee Necklace ¥17,000+tax

Cafe Mocha charm ¥4,600+tax

Full of whipped cream...

This item makes you feel warm.

Is it time for drinking cafe mocha?



Coffee & Donuts Coin Cup ¥3,000+tax

Coffee & Donuts Mug Cup ¥2,400+tax


Coffee is available to go?!

We have a secret for you... This is a ”Moneybox”.

This item will fit every room and interior!

Special moneybox is back this year★




Doughnuts Necklace(Plain/Matcha/Chocolate) Each ¥9,000+tax

Doughnuts Bag Charm(Plain/Matcha/Chocolate) Each ¥7,000+tax

Melty Doughnuts Necklace(Cafe Mocha/Strawberry/Chocolate) Each ¥9,000+tax

Melty Doughnuts Bag Charm(Cafe Mocha/Strawberry/Chocolate) Each ¥7,000+tax


Soft, moist and crunchy…

Sweet doughnuts always make us happy!

Our favorite “Doughnuts collection”  is re-stocked★ 

Plane, Strawberry, Chocolate and Mattcha(Green Tea)... 

Which flavor do you pick up?

Soft feel makes the item looks cozy like real doughnuts!

Let's go to shop to check them♪



[“Chocolate Chip Cookie” and “Coffee & Doughnuts” Collection]

Date: 6th August, 2016(Saturday)

Place:Q-pot. Shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(10AM JST 〜)/

Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP(Some items are available 12PM  JST〜)

※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order before on the 1st day of the release date,

 back-order and delivery request. Thank you for understanding.


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