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"The Nightmare Before Christmas" vol2.!

Sales on 28th September(Wednesday), 2016


“The Nightmare Before Christmas” collection that was released on Halloween last year

 from Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot..

Finally the second collection will be released!


Very popular movie in all over the world,

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tim Burton.

Taking a look at the world of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

 is designed by Q-pot. designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu.

There are popular characters in the story Jack and ZERO,

additionally Dr. Finklestein and Oogie Boogie debut!


Some items of "The Nightmare Before Christmas” Vol1. will be restocked!

Enjoy the surreal and sweet interpretation of darkness.



〜Jack Skellington〜


The main character of the story “The Nightmare Before Christmas”,

Jack is very popular in Halloween town.



Special set of this necklace includes Jack, Pumpkin and Lollipop.

You can enjoy some patterns of the necklace with this special set,

and the ring is released this year!

Jack /Pampkin King Necklace Set(with special package) ¥30,000+tax

Jack Skellington/Ring ¥16,500+tax



Look at Jack’s face!

This beret is must item for Halloween.

Tote bag has 2 patterns and useful long strap, you can enjoy both of it.


Jack Skellington/Beret ¥7,000+tax

Jack Skellington/Mayor/Tote bag (40cm×36.5cm) ¥4,800+tax




Sandy Claws/Towel ¥1,000+tax

Sandy Claws/Mugcup ¥4,800+tax




〜Dr. Finklestein〜


In Halloween town, there is an eccentric mad scientist Dr. Finklestein.

He can open and close his brain, sometimes play with it by himself.



Is this the brain of Dr. Finklestein!?

Very surreal and unique necklace comes as special necklace.

Dr. Finklestein/Necklace ¥14,000+tax (with special package)




〜Oogie Boogie〜


No one likes Oogie Boogie who introduces himself the ruler of the dark side.

The burlap sack ghost who likes dice and insects flow out from him!

Weird and also unique character.




Weird Boogie turns into gummi!

Weird but also cute accessory debuts as Q-pot. sweets accessory.

The seam is also designed♪

OogieBoogie/Gummi Necklace ¥12,000+tax

OogieBoogie/Gummi Key Chain ¥10,000+tax






Jack’s pet ZERO is ghost dog and flies freely.

ZERO's pumpkin nose is for lighting.



Jack’s pet ZERO turns into gummi accessory.

Semitransparent body is the point of ZERO!

ZERO/Gummi Necklace ¥12,000+tax

ZERO/Gummi Key Chain ¥10,000+tax


ZERO is coming from the grave!

Very unique iPhone case is here.

Let’s drees up your iPhone for Halloween☆

ZERO/iPhone6 case ¥5,500+tax




☆There are many items not only accessories for fans!☆






The leader Lock, only girl Shock and 

Barrel always has a candy.



Here is the sweat shirt of the trio of Boogie’s followers.

Lock/Shock/Barrel/Sweat Shirt ¥12,000+tax




Many items will be restocked from "The Nightmare Before Christmas” Vol1.!


Jack/Spiral Macaron Necklace ¥11,000+tax

Sally/Spiral Bag Charm ¥7,000+tax

Mayor/The Mirror Necklace ¥16,000+tax




["The Nightmare Before Christmas” Vol2.]

Date: 28th September(Wednesday), 2016

Place: Q-pot. Shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(12PM JST〜)/


※We cannot accept your request about reservation
 and order before on the 1st day of the release date,
back-order and delivery request. Thank you for understanding.




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