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Pre-Order for jewelry of ”Q-pot. Lounge”☆

16th September (Friday)~31st October(Monday),2016


“The finest materials and sophisticated skills

 provide a luxurious experience 

as high quality as a three stars restaurant.”

Caviar, fruit cake, whipped cream, doughnuts and ice candy…

There are many delicious jewelry collection from “Q-pot.Lounge”.

And also there are cutlery like folk & spoon, melty alphabet & number and more.


Here is special order jewelry of “Q-pot.Lounge”.

We make the jewelry after your order like a three stars restaurant.

Usually “Q-pot.Lounge” is available at only few shops,

but this time you can order the jewelry at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP

during 16th September(Friday)~31st October(Monday),2016.


Melty Alphabet

〜Strawberry Chocolate〜


Melting design painted by chocolate pen is here.

For yourself, lover and initial of family,

initial letter of favorite artist and word…

There are many ideas to choose the one for the item of “Melty Alphabet” collection.

Lovely K10 Pink gold inspired by “Strawberry chocolate” color

is available at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP for the first time.



Melty Alphabet Necklace

(K10 Pink Gold / Diamond) ※11 types Each ¥28,000+tax





Sweet Smile


Diamond crown and ruby ribbon,

eyes of diamond and sapphire…

gorgeous and luxury “Smile” is here.

Let’s get the sparking item for you!



Diamond Crown Necklace ¥44,000+tax(K10 Yellow Gold / Diamond)

Black eyed Necklace ¥44,000+tax

(K10 Yellow Gold / Treat Black Diamond, White Shell,Freshwater Pearl and more)

Pearly White Smile Necklace ¥32,000+tax

(K10 Yellow Gold / Akoya Pearl,White Topaz and more)



Ruby Ribbon Necklace ¥38,000+tax(K10 Yellow Gold / Ruby, White Topaz)

Blue eyed Necklace ¥44,000+tax

(K10 Yellow Gold / Light Sapphire, White Shell,Freshwater Pearl and more)

Red-lipped Smile Necklace ¥38,000+tax(K10 Yellow Gold / Ruby, White Topaz)




Happy and POP messages overflow from ruby lip.

These positive jewelry make you happy

when you feel sad and down.


Speech ballon [Love] Necklace ¥29,000+tax(K10 White Gold / Diamond)

Speech ballon [yum!] Necklace ¥29,000+tax(K10 White Gold / Diamond)

Rouge lip Necklace ¥40,000+tax(K10 Yellow Gold / Ruby)



Sweets and jewels are the best desserts for girls!

Pearl on the cone made of gold is like ice cream♪


Vanilla Ice Cream Necklace ¥28,000+tax(K10 Yellow Gold / White Shell,Freshwater Pearl)

Strawberry Ice Cream Necklace ¥28,000+tax(K10 Pink Gold / White Shell,Freshwater Pearl



For you.. and lover.. 

Choosing special order jewelry of “Q-pot.Lounge” for your someone special...


We deliver the item for you before Christmas!



[Pre-Order for jewelry of “Q-pot.Lounge”]

Items for order: Melty Alphabet collection (K10 Pink Gold) and Sweet Smile collection

Date: 16th September(Friday) <12PM JST~>〜31st October(Monday), 2016

Payment method: Only credit card in advance

Order method: Order jewelry is not available with purchasing other items.

Delivery term: 16th December(Friday), 2016〜

※We deliver the item on first come, first served basis

※If you want to choose the delivery date during 23rd (Friday)〜27th December(Tuesday),

please write a message about it on 【Others (その他確認事項)】with the screen of the payment process.  

For other deliveries, we will send ”Shipping confirmation mail” when the item is ready.




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