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1st October is “Coffee day”

Taking a break with “Coffee” items of Q-pot.♪


1st October is coffee day.
October is the beggining of a year for coffee.
We have various ”Coffee” items.
Let's taking a break and
make your heart warm with items!




~Gold Blend Coffee~

You will feel the smell of ground coffee...
Only one of roasting "gold" coffee bean is
the good accent of “Gold blend coffee”.



Would you like to have
  our deep tasteful "Gold blend coffee"?

Gold Blend Pierce ¥9,000+tax / Necklace ¥16,000+tax / Ring ¥16,000+tax




~Taking a little break with hot coffee~

You will feel the mood of the cafe
even you are at home and office...
Playful and unique mug cup & coin cup
make your daily days happy and tasty!
Let's enjoy a break with these special items♪



Coffee & Donuts Mug Cup ¥2,400+tax

Coffee & Donuts Coin Cup ¥3,000+tax



●”Coffee” collection is here!




[Q-pot. Coffee collection is available]

Place:  Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP / 


※Please contact each shop if you have any question about the stock.


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