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”Q-pot.×SAILOR MOON” dream collaboration vol3.

Here is some dreamy accessory items from the collection!


”Q-pot.×SAILOR MOON” dream collaboration vol3. is back with making more power up!

Let's share a sweet dream together with Q-pot. on Usagi & Chibi-usa's birthday June 30th!


The main theme of this collection is “Dream” inspired by SAILOR MOON SuperS.

Here is some dreamy accessory items from the collection!




<Sweet Crisis Moon Macaron Necklace>

Crisis Moon Macaron comes with “Chibi Moon Compact”.

This item expresses the transformation scene of Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. 

Melting shaped form and wing is represented by gold plate.

Do not miss this luxury macaron! With beautiful macaron… Moon Crisis, Make Up!

(Left) Sweet Crisis Moon Macaron Necklace ¥15,000+tax / Key Holder ¥13,000+tax



<Stallion Rêve Necklace>

“The Stallion Rêve” is used by Chibiusa when she communicates with Pegasus turns into the special necklace.

There are the plate inspired by “Dream Forest” and fantastic Pegasus inside.

This necklace comes with the stand, it is good for display at home and you can wear it only necklace outside☆

 This dome shaped necklace shines like crystal.

(Center) Stallion Rêve Necklace ¥30,000+tax



<Candy Carillon Bagcharm>

Bell is used by Chibiusa when she call upon Pegasus turns into sweet item of Q-pot.

This item rings like a real bell! “Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dreams!”

(Right) Candy Carillon Bagcharm ¥15,000+tax


And more!

Q-pot CAFE.×SAILOR MOON will back as limited cafe this year too! 

Can you imagine how dreamy will the menu be?

Please looking forward to coming out☆


“The Moonlight is the message of Love”


The detail of accessory and information of Q-pot CAFE. will be available

on Q-pot. SEASONAL LOOK BOOK vol.14 sales on April 10th(Monday), 2017!

You can reserve it from here on Amazon!



★Latest information is delivered by mail magazine!

Register from here:In Japanese/In English(Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINESHOP)



【Q-pot CAFE.×SAILOR MOON(Accessory)】

Date: June 30th(Friday), 2017~

Place:Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop / Q-pot. TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi / Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku

/ Q-pot. Lucua Osaka / Q-pot. Takashimaya Osaka / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(10:00AM~) 



Date: June 30th(Friday)~August 20th(Sunday), 2017

Place: Q-pot CAFE.

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