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Q-pot. Seasonal LOOK BOOK vol.15 〜 Melty Bitter Chocolate 〜

September 12th(Tuesday), 2017


Q-pot. SEASONAL LOOK BOOK vol.15〜 Melty Bitter Chocolate 〜

will be available on September 12th(Tuesday)!!!

First AW collection of Q-pot. Dress “Chocolate College”, our favorite season “Halloween” and elegant and also classical new collection “Jewel Cookie” is coming for this autumn and winter!




What is coming with the magazine inside is...

“Melty Bitter Chocolate Backpack” !!!

Fashion leader Ai Takahashi wears the bag!

“Melty Bitter Chocolate Backpack” is very good with AW collection “Chocolate College”.





And more!!!

Many people appear on the magazine for celebrating 15th anniversary♪


Q-pot. Lover an actress Ai Takahashi and voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto will be back!

Mizuki Yamamoto who graduated from CanCam and Daisuke Yokoyama who was on Japanese TV show “Okaasan to Issho” for 9 year will appear for the first time.

They are good friend with the designer joins this magazine too!



Mitsu Murata & Sayaka Kanda who just married appear on the magazine together for the first time★ Rare photos will be only available for this magazine!

Very special photos are there.

Do not forget this rare shooting!


Please looking forward to checking it!

SEASONAL LOOK BOOK 〜 Melty Bitter Chocolate 〜


●Check it out on Amazon



“SEASONAL LOOK BOOK ~ Melty Bitter Chocolate ~”

Date: September 12th(Tuesday), 2017

Price: ¥1,950+tax

Place: Book stores / Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop / Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP (12PM~) / Amazon, Rakuten books and other web shops


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