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Q-pot. Dress 2017 AW Collection “Chocolate College”



First AW collection debut from <Q-pot. Dress> on August 26th(Saturday), 2017.

The collection theme is “Chocolate College”




<Chocolate College>


Everyone loves Chocolate. 

The sweet melting chocolate world turns into “Chocolate College” of Q-pot.

The dresses and jacket like school uniform, set up clothes like a teacher’s one, 

and logo knit like ivy style… 

The collection inspired by chocolate is nostalgic and also sweet.


Here are our sweet collection with many styles of chocolate.




Place: Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop / Q-pot. Lucua Osaka / Q-pot. TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi Shop / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP (12PM~) / Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP (12PM~)

Date: August 26th(Saturday), September 2th(Tuesday), September 12th(Tuesday), November 1st(Wednesday), November 11th(Saturday), 2017.

※Selling date is different with items. Please check the detail on special site.


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